Hello! I’m Dato Eswaran Perumal

Munsyi Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka

About Dato Eswaran

    • Pengarah ES Tutorial Ventures Sdn Bhd
    • Beliau ialah seorang munsyi dewan
    • Sahabat Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP)
    • Menerima Anugerah Citra Sahabt DBP 2017 Kategori individu.
    • Tokoh Ujana DBP
    • Dato Eswaran telah menulis 2 buah buku tatabahasa untuk DBP.
        1) Cara mudah menguasai ‘Klausa’
        2) Keunikan ayat pasif
    • Pemenang anugerah usahawan muda (Malaysian Young Entrepreneur Award)
    • Penceramah dan ikon BM seluruh Malaysia yang sedang berjerayawara seluruh Malaysia.
    • Guru Inovatif dalam mencipta ratusan formula-formula inovasi tatabahasa dan petua tatabahasa, karangan, rumusan dan novel.
    • Penganjur Ladap BM percuma untuk guru-guru di seluruh Malaysia.
    • Penerbit buku ‘Rahsia Tatabahasa Bahasa Melayu’

About ES Tutorial Ventures


ES Tutorial Ventures Sdn Bhd is an education based company in which we have six branches of tuition institutions in Setia Alam, Sri Muda, Kapar, Denai Alam, Subang Bestari and Bukit Jelutong. We conduct and deliver Smart Study Skill seminars nationwide for UPSR, PT3 and SPM students. We also carry out free seminars in schools besides conducting free LADAP (teachers’ training) in collaboration with PPD (Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah). We have 6o teachers and 20 staffs working under this company. ES Tutorial became a government linked company in Dec 2017 when we collaborated with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. In the same month, we were awarded with the Citra Sahabat DBP title. On the other hand, Dato Eswaran, the founder of ES Tutorial received the title of Munsyi Dewan. As a matter of fact, Dato’ received ‘Young Indian Entrepreneur’ award from MIEC in 2015 under the corporate social responsibility category. Besides, he is a book publisher for ‘Buku Rahsia Tatabahasa’ which was then published under ES Tutorial Ventures.  He is also an author in Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.


ES Tutorial Ventures functions in many meaningful forms. The company acts as a manager, marketing executive, financial advisor and also educator.  ES Tutorials handles and manages the procedures and processes to be a successful platform to deliver education and training among the teachers as well as the students. It delivers efficient and effective methods to ensure an excellent education service to all the teachers and students involved.


Our targeted market includes UPSR students from national schools such as SK and SJKT, private schools as well as PT3 and SPM students from SMK (national) and private schools. On the contrary, our smart study skill seminar covers UPSR, PT3 and SPM students nationwide. We have approximately 20 000 students (participants) every year.


As a huge and successful education platform and medium, we conduct free seminars and workshops in various schools to spread the awareness of the importance of the education and learning it efficiently.  First and foremost, we aim to show the teachers and students our abilities and capabilities delivering an efficient and effective teaching/ learning process.  At the same time, we gain their understanding and trust to acquire education better through these seminars and workshops. Besides, we provide free tuitions for poor family. In addition, to those who come from disabled family, especially those who are wheel-bound or could not work due to health circumstances but depends on the help from the government, we only collect half of the payment so that, it is affordable for them to pay the amount. It is also to encourage them to join without having much difficulty.  Same goes to the students who come from single parent family. Their situations are also taken into humble considerations; therefore we collect half of the original payment to ease their pathways acquiring education. We want to minimise as many barriers and obstacles as we can so that the younger generation could pursue their learning successfully.


As for the current stage development, from a teaching institution having few branches of centres, we managed to form an education based company which we believe is a huge transformation throughout the years. This transformation is proven in the eyes of the beholder. The evidence of this transformation includes various awards received, students’ results in examination and feedback from the people who contribute for the well-being of the company.  In order to ensure the company to be a continuous successful and efficient leaning platform, we collaborated with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) and conducted many meaningful programs such as free teachers’ training (LADAP) nationwide, seminars in local and private schools nationwide, workshops and many more. We are also targeting to cater the students from private and international schools for IGCSE syllabus. We gained support from Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah to permit us conducting these programs.

Our next plan is to establish our own private school with maximum benefits for the younger generations. We aim to educate the young ones by minimising all the learning barriers, obstacles and circumstances so that they can achieve the best education throughout their pursuing of education. Besides, we aim to reduce the burden of those parents whose kids are in the school and assure them that we are giving the best to their children. This school too will aim those parents and children with moderate income to avoid social class and status discrimination. We aim to eliminate and abolish all kinds of discrimination that will disrupt and intervene students’ learning development and performances. Besides, meaningful learning will be implemented to produce a competent and productive individual because youth today is a leader tomorrow.

The activities on the other hand, include providing tuitions from year 1 to year 6 for primary students and form 1 to form 5 for secondary students in the centres. Besides, providing Smart Study Skill seminars and workshops nationwide for UPSR, PT3 and SPM students is a major success.  We provide the best teachers/ tutors/ educators/ ambassadors to deliver the speech and seminar. These people include book publishers, authors, examination markers and Munsyi Dewan.  They have the best experiences and techniques to cater students’ teaching and learning efficiently and effectively. This step and transformation helps our company to set more goals and objectives to achieve as well as accomplish them efficiently. Prior to this, we work harder towards our goals so that more students can gain the benefits of our education plans. Furthermore, we provide crash courses and holiday revision classes for students who are having examinations during the year.